Bay Area Brew Fest

This weekend, I had the opportunity to join some of my best friends in the beautiful city of San Francisco and to attend Bay Area Brew Festival. My friends who live in the city attended the year before and invited me to join the festivities this year. This past Saturday we started the day at Fort Mason Park which offered lovely views of the Golden Gate Bridge. We brought cheese, crackers, and champagne to start the day off. A friend of mine brought her portable speaker and we all were relaxing and enjoying cool tunes. I’m going to admit that Saturday morning in San Francisco was gloomy and I worried that the day might take a turn since half of what we wanted to do was outdoors, but low and behold, around 1 PM the clouds opened up the sun shone through.


From the park we made our way to Pier 35, were the festival was to be held. Upon arriving, we noticed a massive line outside of the warehouse but a line, to our great surprise, that moved incredibly quick. My friends had shared what the experience was like the previous year but I really only knew very little about the event. Right after the scanned my phone with my electronic ticket, there were tables passing out the cutest little beer mugs and a red wristband. The warehouse space was MASSIVE! Tents lined both sides of the warehouse which offered unlimited samples of different beers from local brewery’s. As we walked along the warehouse we spotted a DJ in the middle of the space bumping funky 90s music (which we obviously loved) and then as we made our way to the back, we found food trucks! Score! My favorite cider that I tried that day (yes they had ciders too) was a Goldenstate’s Gingergrass Cider. It was crisp and refreshing, a perfect summertime cider. The music was great, the energy was positive, and the drinks were flowing. After leaving this event, it made me want to explore the fests that are down in Los Angeles. The ticket prices were reasonable for the Bay Area Brew Fest ($48) and the time spent with friends was well worth it. Here are some of the beer fests that are coming up in Los Angeles. Just in time for the warm weather! IMG_5457

In five days, on March 25, Orange County will be hosting its 4th annual Beer and Music Festival. Tickets range from $35-$50 and will be offering local and regional beers to attendees. Unlike the Bay Area Brew Fest that was all held in one massive warehouse, this festival will be a “walk around” festival and there will be parts of Downtown Santa Ana shut down for the festivities.

On April 29, you can attend the Brew Lagoon Craft Beer and Music Festival in Redondo Beach. It will be taking place from 2 PM to 7 PM and advance sale tickets are $40 whereas if you are to buy them the same day, they are $50. This festival will be offering unlimited tastings from various brewery’s and there will be five live bands performing as well.

And on May 6th and 7th, The BBQ and Craft Brews Festival will be making its debut in downtown Los Angeles in Pershing Square. Here’s the kicker, entrance is free! They will be selling beer, beer samples, and food once inside and also will be offering live music to fill the air. This one is also open for all ages so it can be a great event to take the entire family to while you relax and sip on some brewskies.

And in the words of my mug from the weekend, Drink, Eat, Play!