Quick Tips on Selling Your Home


Selling your home could be a daunting process but I have put together some tips in helping the process go as smooth as possible.

First, I would obviously recommend selecting the right broker. You need someone who is properly informed and who knows the market. There are invaluable tips that a broker can provide you with along this process and it is essential to select the one that has your best interest and is most knowledgeable is the subject field. Something that I am constantly doing is reviewing listing services, knowing what properties are going on the market, and keeping up to date with new technologies to assist my clients. In these case scenarios, two heads are better than one.

The second tip would be to price it right. Overpricing your home could lead to less buyers coming around and some agents even go as far to argue that underpricing your home might even be the better option in that more bidders will come and you can make it more of a competition. If you appropriately price your home, you will have an edge over other sellers and have more of chance to get it off the market.


Thirdly, don’t underestimate the power of staging. Staging your home might feel strange at first but it will add to the photographs that you take and add to the experience when people come visit your open house. If there are too many family photos or personal elements, it might be harder for the buyer to imagine their life there. Keep it simple and keep it clean. Clean out some of the closets and move some of your belongings to storage. This way when people snoop around (and they will) they can see the full potential of the closets in the home you are selling. Storage space is important for many people so making sure that your closets and extra storage spaces look tidy and spacious is a safe route to take.


Though you don’t need to upgrade everything in the home before selling, some areas might mean more than others. Though it might cost a few thousand dollars to remodel a kitchen, some buyers might ask to take some money off the asking price if they think the kitchen is old and outdated. Spruce things up with a new paint job and maybe even a new stainless steel appliance. Trust me, you won’t believe the difference that it will make when trying to sell your home.


To many, the idea of selling their home could be terrifying. But remember, with the right help and a few tricks, nothing is impossible. And if you are in the Southern California area and have any questions, feel free to contact Su Casa Bella Realty:

Phone: (323) 363-9148

Fax: (888) 703-4158

E-mail: ijustlisted@gmail.com


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