5 Tips To Stick With Your Resolutions

We are already one month into 2017 (I can’t believe it!) and what a year it has been already!  With so much happening all around the world, it would be important to check in with ourselves. How are you doing? What’re you doing to be a better person and push yourself this year? How can you grow and evolve this coming year? Remember those resolutions you made a month ago? Have you stuck with them? It is important to check in our goals to make sure that we reach them. Here are some tips in staying true to your resolutions all the way until December.

  1. Write them down! Studies have found that we are more likely to complete our goals if we write them down, and even more so if we see them every day for example in a white board or bulletin board in our office or room.
  2. Make your resolutions specific. Many people have the common goal of wanting to lose weight or go to the gym more often.While those are great resolutions, you might hit your goals if you are specific, for example making a resolution, “Go to the gym three times a week,” or “Lose 5 pounds in two weeks.” The more specific, the better.
  3. Reward yourself! You work hard so when you reach a milestone towards your goal, treat yourself!
  4. Set deadlines! If you have a resolution, give yourself a certain amount of time to reach it. A few days, a week, or at the end of the month. Make it realistic deadline but also challenge yourself.
  5. Focus on one goal at a time. We might think of a bunch of resolutions that we want to reach in the beginning of the year but they can overwhelm us if we try to tackle them all at once. Make a list then knock each one out, one at a time.

So those just scratch the surface of ways to keep resolutions but don’t be discouraged. Each day is a new day full of new opportunities. Make 2017 yours!



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